Guideline to purchasing the semester ticket upgrade in the naveo app.

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Guideline to purchasing the semester ticket upgrade in the naveo app.

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From 01.05.2023 you can use the entire public transport in Germany with the Deutschlandticket. If you already have an AVV/NRW semester ticket, you can have the amount you pay for the regional ticket credited when you purchase the Deutschlandticket. With the semester ticket upgrade, your existing ticket is extended to the Deutschlandticket and you can use it all over Germany.

You can purchase the ticket in our naveo app for 15.39 euros as a monthly ticket. Simply download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

You'll find the menu on the far left. Tap on "Ticket kaufen" to access the ticket catalog. Then select the Deutschlandticket Semesterticket Upgrade.

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In the next step, you select your university. In addition, you select from when your ticket should be valid. The semester ticket upgrade can be used from 01.05.2023 at the earliest. Since it is issued as a monthly ticket, it is only valid for one calendar month at a time.

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By tapping on "WEITER" you will get to the shopping cart and can decide whether you want to register for the purchase or complete it without registering. In the payment process, you select the payment method (e.g. PayPal, direct debit or credit card) for your purchase. If you do not have a naveo account and would like to purchase the ticket unregistered, you still need to personalize the ticket with your name. Please note that as an unregistered user, only PayPal is available as payment method.

You will find your ticket under "Meine Tickets". Please note that the semester ticket upgrade is only valid in combination with an official photo ID and a valid semester ticket of the selected university.
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